Geotechnical engineering, GPS data collectiona and verification, contract administration, project management, BIM, workflow

Geotechnical technician using survey grade GPS system as part of SmartSite's 3D Geopak model Our 3dGeopak client value model has been a work in progress for over 3 years. In principal, it is quite simple. We train our Geotechnical firm's technicians to collect the same data that our in house GPS technicians customarily collect every day. We then provide the data, the equipment, network, analysis, and modeling that our clients are used to receiving. This increases the value of our deliverables and the deliverables from the Geotech by reducing redundancy and increasing accuracy.

Finally, everyone is immediately on the same page. The owner, the consultants, and the designers are able to send and receive project data and make faster, better decisions and submissions.

Ask about our county compaction submission reports and progress/change order reporting!

The end result is more information and better decisions, at less than half the cost of separate operations in exponentially less time.

Geotechnical survy technician feeds information to the BIM Manager which is used in a construction machine control system