Value Engineering Cost Forecasting Logistics
Budgets/Schedules RFP Docs/Exhibits Construction Docs
Supervision Project Mgt.
Construction Site Development Reporting and Billing
Smart Site Professional Management Team: Frank Duduk, Pat Hobbs, Paul Gray, Sean Logan


Data Collection Reporting/Analysis
GPS and Topcon Data Collection and Reporting
3DGeopak Process by SmartSite Logo
Geotech Verification Geo-Testing Geo-Submissions
Geotechnical Support and Engineering using GPS

Preconstruction management showing 3D geotechnical surfaces for analysis

Preconstruction Management

In order to meet 21st century delivery goals, our clients need budgets, schedules, and contractor scopes that reflect reality and reduce delivery risks. This process begins by design ing a detailed value engineering model that will be updated and trans formed into the scope of work for their contractors and consultants

The deliverables in this Phase are the following:

  • TeamWork Website   Pre-construction management logo

  • Budgets

  • Material Utilization Analysis

  • Value Engineering

  • Construction Models

  • Schedules

  • Procurement Documentation

  • Construction Documentation

Construction Management and Site Development Logo
SmartSite's Team-Work Website integrates the owner and consultants files and emails while at the same time assigns

tasks, milestones, and standardized project protocols.

BIM Team and GPS Field Crew with GPS Topcon equipment and SmartSite 4-wheeler

Construction Management

Once construction begins, SmartSite pro- vides three scalable models for our clients:

  • Project Management

  • Progress and QC Reporting

  • Geotechnical Integration and Reporting.

Project Management

PM Team includes experienced PM, Superintendant, Contract Administration, and BIM Managers that work with our clients existing executives, consultants, and contractors to deliver the project as inexpensively and quickly as possible thereby lowering risk and improving the efficiency and final delivered product.

Active construction site with GPS equipment and SmartSite GPS field crew

SmartSite's GPS Technicians collect data that is then compared to the contract model. This provides certified reports of earthwork volumes and project quantities for contract and change order scopes as well as reduces risks of re-handling materials and over paying on contract draws.

Logos showing how GPS technology, BIM managers, and machine control technology interact

*Shows machine control implementation

SmartSite 3Dgeopak technology logo

3dGeoPak doubles the value of reporting by providing a Geotechnical GPS Tech and certified model reports for county submissions and tracking.

Logos showing how Geotechs, GPS, and 3D surface creation interact