High CBR fills that divert materials from the waste stream and meet permeable and non-permeable requirements.
Download SmartFill- Virgin Submittal
Download SmartFill- Hybrid Submittal


Recycled paving base materials designed to order. Bank Run Gravel and CR-6 substitutes on demand.
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Materials custom designed to replace or reduce asphalt base thicknesses in the paving cross section.
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Virgin and stabilized impervious fill materials designed to meet regional specifications pertaining to impervious cut off trenches and Storm Water Management liners.
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"Elm Street Development has substituted SmartBase for Bankrun Gravel in our road sections. I've found SmartBase has excellent strength properties and is more cost effective than Bankrun. In addition, SmartBase is a renewable resource that has significant

significant environmental benefits compared to traditional stone subbase."

- Doug Meeker, Vice President -
Elm StreetDevelopment

“SmartSite, LLC’s materials and integrated delivery methods have saved St. Charles Communities more than 20% of our current site development costs while also furthering our environmental goals at the same time. I recommend them as a solution

solution to anyone facing site development challenges in the 21st Century.”

- Mark MacFarland, Vice President –
St.Charles Community, LLC


SmarteSite Construction Fill, Construction Base, Paving, Drain, and Core Materials

SmartCore - Virgin Core Trench Material

Naturally existing excavated clay materials for pond liners and core trenches.

SmartFill - Virgin Fill Dirt

Naturally existing fill materials that meet structural and non-structural requirements.

SmartBase - Virgin Sand & Gravel

Mined Sand & Gravel for road sub-bases

SmartPave - Virgin CTSG – Cement Treated Sand & Gravel

Sand & gravel with naturally high plasticity that can be injected with cement to create Southern Maryland’s own Cement Treated Aggregate Paving Base material.


Road base material installation at construction project

The above Southern Maryland Project utlized SmartBase Hybrid for its road sub-base, saving the owner significant cost and risk.

SmartBase: The only local substitute for aggregates in roads

How does this work? The answer comes from our local recycling facility (Soil Safe, Inc.), in Brandywine, Maryland that recycles materials as strong and durable as sand & gravel (locally called Bank-Run Gravel ) based on AASHTO paving design specifications. This recycling process utilizes Soil Safe’s cold processed remediated soils. The same process that remediates (stabilizes) the materials, also makes the material durable and strong.

If not reused, 100% of this material would be land filled rather than replacing virgin aggregate materials in the supply chain.

SmartPave: Reduce the thickness of your asphalt

The same material in SmartBase can be placed thicker than the design section giving you more strength, or we can re-process the material and increase it’s AASHTO strength coefficient and durability characteristics. Generally, this saves approximately 16% - 25% of your over-all cost for paving. This eliminates as much as 25% of the Liquid asphalt in the mix design. Liquid asphalt is a petroleum product refined during the gasoline refining process

SmartPave savings compared to sand and gravel