SmartSite, LLC || Who We Are and How to Contact Us

Who we are

Frank Duduk's picture

Frank P. Duduk

Contact Frank for your business development or site management needs.

Pat Hobbs's picture

Patrick Hobbs, Jr.

Contact Pat for operational issues including supervision, materials, QC & technology implementation.

Sean Logan's picture

Sean M. Logan

Contract Manager/Analyst
Contact Sean for any existing project administration needs including bids, awards, contracts, and payments.

Paul Gray’s picture

Paul Gray

BIM Manager
Contact Paul for any GPS, engineering questions, and operational issues.

Kyle Logan’s picture

Kyle Logan

BIM Manager
Contact Kyle for any engineering questions, reports, and administrative issues.

Jim Lynn’s picture

Jim Lynn

Florida Partner
Contact Jim for any questions regarding SmartSite Florida.

About us

SmartSite LLC is a small, rapidly growing company founded in 2008 - providing construction management and related products and services supporting residential site/lot development (i.e. earthwork, paving, and utilities infrastructure).

Started by entrepreneurs Frank Duduk and Pat Hobbs, SmartSite has operated from the beginning and grown adhering the principals of the “Triple Bottom Line” (or 3 P’s – People, Planet, Profit) – a framework where social (People) and environmental (Planet) performance are central considerations in addition to the traditional financial performance (Profit) measures.
In today’s world all successful companies must consider and balance social and environmental parameters in their planning and operations. SmartSite takes this a step further by focusing on means, methods, products and services that deliver beyond strict regulatory and professional industry practices/requirements.

Take for example, the company’s innovative adaptation of recycled materials (SmartSite Materials) into traditional segments of road construction and utility bedding (SmartSiteMaterials). Developing engineered material products based on specific uses, SmartSite Materials make use of traditional waste product, while providing superior performance. In fact, SmartSite’s “SmartBase-Hybrid” is the only recycled soil approved by the National Association of Home Builders providing owners points in meeting National Green Building Standards.

Technology innovation and adaptation of Building Information Modeling (“BIM”) into new/improved business processes has been another central element of the Company’s notoriety and success – delivering verified customer savings of 10-25%. Leveraging substantial improvements in data availability and accuracy, SmartSite delivers unparalleled performance and value at every step of the design/build process: Pre-construction Value Engineering Procurement Near-real-time Progress Tracking and Reporting. Progress reporting is world-class!

One of the company’s most recent innovations is the evolutionary and revolutionary development of its new 3dGeo-Pak™ delivery system – the next step in streamlined value chain and efficient delivery. As key client Doug Meeker (Elm Street Development) said when first presented “Everyone needs to be doing this”.